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At B& K Supreme cleaning services 'Supremacy' is not simply accredited to our commercial cleaning and specialty services if we were not dedicated to providing and maintaining 'Quality' and "affordability" to our clients.

For many years we as a family, have worked for prominent and well established commercial cleaning services employers mostly in the following sectors:

  • Private Health Centres
  • Car show Rooms
  • Small Businesses to higher tier companies
  • Private residencies
  • Warehouses

Over these years, we amassed a great deal of experience and expertise so much so that we felt that we had the confidence and understanding to set up our own company in April 2009.

Although still a relatively small and new company, we are proud of our progress and professionalism that we have achieved along the way. We are true believers in principals and have adhered thoroughly to our core objective which is affordability.

As we, as a company continue to grow so too does our strong desire to deliver outstanding services at competitive rates. We strive to make the client first priority which is testament to the fact that a huge percentage of our new clients we find are from existing customer referrals.

At B&K we welcome you to take the opportunity to let us earn your trust and live up to your expectations by delivering you the best cleaning services at the most affordable rates available. 

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